User Guide for the Database

The SNG-WOFI gathers a set of data on socio-economic indicators, the territorial organisation of countries and subnational government finance, including subnational government expenditure, investment, revenue and debt. The 2022 edition of the database covers 135 countries across the world.

For federal countries, the database differentiates between local and state/provincial government data. For unitary countries, the data concerns the consolidated subnational government sector as a whole.

In total, the database contains around 80 financial indicators (“transactions”). In an effort to make these data comparable across countries, the financial data are presented in different ways: in USD PPP per capita, and in the form of ratios (% of GDP, % of general government, etc). You can sort data by world region, income group or form of state (federal, unitary). 

For more information on how to use the database, please access:

 SNG-WOFI User guide

SNG-WOFI Database

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You can access the former version of the SNG-WOFI database (2019 edition) here.